Nathalie Mauclair

Nathalie Mauclair

"I’m always trying to improve, to stay fit and to make sure I’m ready for the next race."


the way to the top

Through the rain, into the wind and over mountain passes. Trail runners never stop pushing and will keep running no matter how bad the weather conditions.

Nathalie Mauclair is a multi-winning trail running champion. She is an example of excellence and determination. She embodies the same values and ambitions as Mizuno – always striving for the absolute best. But it hasn’t always been like this: “I didn’t grow up in a sporty family, it wasn’t until I was older that I discovered my passion for running.” Although the road to success hasn’t always been easy for Nathalie, her unbroken optimism kept her going: “In 2002 I had a bad fall and fractured a vertebra. I was immobilised for 3 months and it took me a while to get back to running. It wasn’t until my friends told me that I needed to start running again that I began training. I knew that I still had so much more to give and I believed I could still win.”

After this setback, Nathalie trained hard and pushed herself further to become the French marathon champion in 2010. But it was trail running that finally captured her heart: “I loved to go out and get lost in the countryside and this is where it began for me.” However, it takes more than just a passion for the outdoors to become a multi-winning trail champion: “I decided to change my lifestyle and structure my training. It wasn’t long before I started to achieve results. I was the Trail World Champion in 2013 and 2015. It took a while for me to realise what this meant. At first it just felt like I had won a race. Later I understood just how important this achievement was. It was the result of all the hard work and dedication I put into my trail running.”

Even after all her great achievements, Nathalie Mauclair will not settle. Her next ambition: to achieve a new personal best at this year’s “La Saintélyon”.

With more than 60 editions the French mountain course has become a MUST event for European trail runners. Taking place in December the epic route starts from the peak of Saint Etienne and finishes in the mountains of Lyon.

The Saintélyon is 72 kilometers long and is a combination of trail and road. The race is a real adventure and a chance for elite runners like Nathalie Mauclair to go out and improve their performance. This is another opportunity for Mizuno to partner with the running community and help promote sport among people who are passionate about adventure.

Nathalie Mauclair is prepared to face this upcoming challenge: “My life is always on the move so making time for training is essential. I train all week; I bike, I swim, I run. I’m always trying to improve, to stay fit and to make sure I’m ready for the next race.”

Nathalie Mauclair never stops pushing.

Nathalie Mauclair